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Sacred Heart School

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Sacred Heart School

Office: (978) 632-0950
Fax: (978) 630-2448
Email: To contact a teacher via email use the following formula: First letter of their first name immediately followed by the full spelling of their last name immediately followed by @sacredheartgardner.org. (Ex. John Doe’s email address would be jdoe@sacredheartgardner.org)

If you would like more information or to schedule a tour, please call the school or e-mail Andrea Ramos

  • Principal, Stephen Chartier
  • Vice Principal, Donna Bresnahan
  • Secretary/Technology, Andrea Ramos
  • Kindergarten, Kim Brillon
  • First Grade, Rebecca Vincent
  • Second Grade, Bonnie Hunter
  • Third Grade, Nancy Olivo
  • Fourth Grade, Christine Hoegen
  • Fifth Grade, Mary Hescock
  • Sixth Grade, Katie Blake
  • Seventh Grade, Margaret (Peggy) Greene
  • Eighth Grade, Donna Carrier
  • Computers, Corey Feeley
  • Music, Kristina Gemborys
  • Gym, Brian Burpee

The Caring Place: (978) 632-5745

Sacred Heart Church, Rectory: Click here to contact the Sacred Heart Church Rectory

Sacred Heart Church Religious Education Office: (978) 632-0218

To Find Us:
Lynde Street is off of the intersection of School Street and Central Street. The entrance to the back parking lot/play yard is off of Central Street. Please call 978-632-0950 if you need directions.